Sunday, January 26, 2020
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The Joomla Extensions and the templates / plugins on this website are distributed as donationware. Donationware is software for which only you set the price. You give what you think his software is worth. Zero if you want. I would welcome whatever donation you feel is appropriate. Please note that a few of the components I use may not be used commercially. This is stated clearly on the related template pages.
So why should I donate something?
Just a few reasons:
  •  I have expenses for developing and distributing all this: backup, domain name, internet access etc.....
  •  You want to encourage me. I spend time for developing and searching new templates .
  •  You use these plugins and templates professionally. So I help you make money
  •  You think it's fair that I get some money for my work
  •  A one-time donation to download everything is ok. The average donation is 5 us$  or euro. That's not a lot of money, is it?

OK, I've read all this Smile

I don't agree. I agree.