Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Demo Smaccorgrid

Demo SMaccorgrid


    • Can  load unlimited number of images , each image can have its own text .
    • Images from a subfolder of Images/stories or from a directory

    • Accordion Grid  panel can be set to show different number of rows
    • Slideshow automatic or manual
    • Image screen panel are resizable.
    • Text description can be set at different location, parameters at the end of every description
    • description rule


  • Two type css panel

Every description can contain dimension (width and height) for caption zone, and location from Top and from Left margin

example : Description six!700!35!350!16 where 700 (in pixel) is the width of caption area, 35 is the height of caption area, 350 is distance from Top image margin, 16 is distance from Left image margin. These four parameters must be separated by character "!" as shown in previous figure. These parameters can be omitted, in this case a default value is assumed. 

In the version for 1.5 every description ends with carriage return, in the version for 2.5 every description is delimited by "|" character. 


Gallery Name and Gallery Description currently not used.

Thumbs total displayed : insert all or a desidered value (number); if used all ,  represents the total number of existing images in the folder gallery.















Demo Smaccorgrid2