Friday, January 24, 2020


Demo Smadispo

Smadispo JQuery Image Slideshow arranges all the images from folder in a nice disposition, slideshow with jQuery Colorbox library

smadispo 1.5_banner



  •  Images from a folder
  • Automatic disposition
  • user-customizable parameters :
    • width
    • columns number
    • padding
  • Multiple instance on the same webpage

The module shown above (Smadispo)  has the number of columns set to 4, padding = 2 and Random view = yes (the images are shuffled at all times).

The module below (Smadispo(2))  has the number of columns = 7, padding = 1 and Random view = no, Opacity = 0.8 images are shown in the same order.

Click on an image to start the slideshow ...sticker freegiallo

Smadispo Options

possibility of inserting the module multiple times. To obtain this you must insert a different value in the parameter module_class_suffix , for instance aa01 in the first module and bb02 in the second module...and so on


Smadispo (2)