Tuesday, January 28, 2020

SMagrid jquery multigallery

Demo Smagrid

smagrid panel info2 Features :

    • hold multiple image categories (max 4) or just a single category.
  • Can load unlimited number of images per category, each image can have its own text .
    • Choose image transition effects (fade, slide horizontal, slide vertical), also can turn off transition completely.
  • Customizable text description, transitions available (fade, expand up, down, right and left)
  • Grid gallery panel can be set to show different number of rows and columns.
  • Show or hide command panel with mouse over image
  • Show or hide image number, timer line.
  • customizable transition delay and transition speed.
  • Image screen size and image thumbnails are resizable.
  • Text description can be set at different location

smagrid panel infoCommand panel

New version 1.5 for Joomal 3.0 and 2.5  new features added :


  • Show/Hide Initial Grid Gallery
  • Show/Hide Info Button
  • Description Box Hide when show description=no

New version 1.6 for Joomal 3.0 and 2.5  new features added :


  • The extension integrates Joomla! Update System

New version 1.7 for Joomal 3.x and 2.5  new features added :


  • Show/Hide Download button in command Panel

To upgrade to the latest version, you must install version 1.6 which integrates joomla Update System. The Joomla! Update System provides a handy way to update the installed extensions, but it also implements a notification system from the extension developer to inform the availability of new versions (1.7 for instance...). In this way, system adminitrators can be informed and choose how to manage the system.

New version 1.8 for Joomal 3.x and 2.5  new features added :


  • Now you can insert images from your Flickr , search by Tags or by Photoset (Albums)>