Friday, January 24, 2020

smarespoflickr image slider

Demo Smarespoflickr


This extension read FlickR photo with four (max) SetID and produces a complete responsive thumbnails page.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge image.

The following options can be defined :



Flickr PhotoSet ID for the gallery (Required) 
APIKey The api key generated by flickr.  Please obtain your own api key.  Go to the following url for more information on obtaining a key (Required)
Thumbnail image width                                The width for the thumbnails (Required)
Spacing The spacing between th thumbnails (Required)
Enlarge size

The dimension for enlarged image displayed when click on the thumbnail.

  • small = 240 . 180
  • medium = 640 . 480
  • large = 1024 . 768 










Smarespoflickr Options

  • Basic
  • Gallery

smarespoflickr basic 

smarespoflickr gallery