Tuesday, August 20, 2019

smarespoflickr image slider

Demo Smarespoflickr


This extension read FlickR photo with four (max) SetID and produces a complete responsive thumbnails page.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge image.

The following options can be defined :



Flickr PhotoSet ID for the gallery (Required) 
APIKey The api key generated by flickr.  Please obtain your own api key.  Go to the following url for more information on obtaining a key  www.flickr.com/services/api/keys/ (Required)
Thumbnail image width                                The width for the thumbnails (Required)
Spacing The spacing between th thumbnails (Required)
Enlarge size

The dimension for enlarged image displayed when click on the thumbnail.

  • small = 240 . 180
  • medium = 640 . 480
  • large = 1024 . 768 










Smarespoflickr Options

  • Basic
  • Gallery

smarespoflickr basic 

smarespoflickr gallery