Friday, January 24, 2020

Smautogrid image slider

Demo SmautoGrid

 tabflash boxSmautoGrid features


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  • Folders (categories) must be added as subfolders in module directory (images)
  • Slide Show mode
  • Full Screen mode
  • Numbers of displayed columns parameter
  • Navigation buttons
  • Fully customizable

SmautoGrid Options

the reference folder must be contained within the module. In the case of the example provided with the module folder is called "Images" and contains two subfolders named: "amster" and "berlin". In this example you can be entered as a parameter: "images" and then it will show all images contained in subfolders and will show the buttons (all, amster, berlin), but if specified as a parameter: "images / amster" will be shown only the images in this subfolder and buttons will not be shown. This second case is illustrated on the page in the second example.

Smautogrid image slider (2)