Friday, January 24, 2020



click on PDF icon .. to view the document PhotoRespo HowTo.

A new version, (starting from Photopro Portfolio flash), based on JQuery easily usable on portable device

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See Demo Video first part

  • Six different GRID galleries, with thumbnails automatically generated

  • Three SLIDE galleries

  • Video Galleries (Youtube and Vimeo)

  • Profile Page

  • Full Responsive

  • Soundtrack option

  • Full Screen Option

  • Based on JQuery

  • Work on desktop and tablet

New version 1.6.1 for Joomal 3.x and 2.5  new features added :

  • The extension integrates Joomla! Update System


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PhotoRespo Options

  • Basic
  • Grid Gallery
  • Slide
  • Video
  • Profile

photorespo basic 

photopro2 grid 

photopro2 slide 

photopro2 video 

photopro2 profile