Friday, January 24, 2020

Panning Slide flash module

Demo PanningSlide


panning front

  • Show/Hide panels
  • Fullscreen/Regular view

Four command panels :

  • Navigator (maximize/minimize)
  • Controls (maximize/minimize)
  • Gallery (maximize/minimize)
  • Info (maximize/minimize)


 panel docu

Navigator panel contains zoom area, can be moved by cursor or using arrows contained in Controls panel.

The size of zoom area can be reduced or enlarged in Controls panel as shown in figure.

Click on the circle centre to reset , click on minus button to reduce, plus button to enlarge  or click on a point in the scale triangle


panel gallery









The Gallery panel contains all thumbnails , click on to change picture; vertical scroll command on the right

panel info

Info panel contains the picture description






Warning:  in the parameters the address for images folder and for thumbnails folder must be expressed as /site/folder with the slash as first character, as shown in the picture below.

media parameter