Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Demo Smabdeep

Flash Gallery Features:

  • Can  load unlimited number of images , each image can have its own text description.
  • Image from a specified folder or from a subfolder of images/stories
  • 10 Different Galleries
  • Thumbnails atomatically generated
  • Enlarge/Filt Image (Click on image)
  • Thumbnail horizontal scroll
  • Music sountrack (4 songs file)
  • Background choice
  • Fullscreen
  • Insert your logo picture
  • Show/Hide Fullscreen button
  • Show/Hide Sound Player
  • Show/Hide Logo picture
  • Thumbnail horizontal scroll
  • Loop song

Smabdeep Options

click on PDF icon .. to view the document Smabdeep HowTo.

Move mouse on PHOTO COLLECTION description to open drop down menu