Sunday, January 26, 2020

Smadauth flash gallery

Demo Smadauth

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Flash Gallery Features:

  • Can  load unlimited number of images
  • Images from a folder that contains album subfolders , every subfolder name is the album name
  • Great number of Albums (subfolders of ALBUMS folder indicated as parameter) 22 galleries can be displayed with the default height value (590) as shown in the example, if you increase the number of galleries (30) you need to increase the height value for the module to 790.The list of photographic galleries has not the function of the vertical scroll, and then shows the list that can be contained in amplitude vertical assigned.
  • Automatic thumbnails generation
  • FullSize Preview
  • Can select your Background color
  • Show/Hide Album count
  • FullScreen Feature
  • Yes/No Slideshow with interval time and loop

Smadauth Options

The images must be inserted in subfolders of folder Albums in the mod_smadauth. Every subfolder is an album and its name is showed in the list on the left bottom corner.

The module shows only the images contained in subfolders of Albums folder