Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Demo FluxShow

Demo FluxShow , with black background , description bottom

Demo FluxShow with white background, width=800 , height=500, space between thumbnails : 10 horiz and 10 vertical, description TOP

Demo FluxShow with transparent background, width=920, height=500, space between thumbnails = 1 horiz and 1 vert, NO description

Fully customizable

  • Long description scroll (move arrows) scroll long desc
  • Fullscreen option (bottom object)fluxglide fullscreen
  • Automatic resize (thumbails rows and columns according object width and hight, and thumbnails size)
  • Vertical grid scroll
  • Thumbnails generated according parameters width and hight inserted
  • Horizontal and vertical distance between thumbnails
  • Images from a subfolder of Images/stories or from a directory
  • Background color option (black,white, transparent)
  • Description on Top or Bottom