Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Smarousel Demo1


Flash Slideshow carousel

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  • Can  load unlimited number of images , each image can have its own text description.
  • Image from a specified folder or from a subfolder of images/stories
  • Carousel position, orientation, rotation,
  • Image loop transition
  • Image border, angle
  • Use device or embedded fonts, insert [embed] at the beginnig of description

Smarousel Options

Smabdeep HowTo click on PDF icon .. to view the documento Smarousel.

possibility of inserting the module multiple times on the same page . To obtain this you must insert a different value in the parameter module_class_suffix ( Advanced Parameters), for instance sr01 in the first module and sr02 in the second module...and so on

Smarousel Demo2

Smarousel Demo3

Smarousel Demo4